StepUp Horse

Improving Race Horse Performance

Track breathing and heart rate with StepUp Horse.

StepUp Horse

The Perfect Tool for Horse Trainers and Riders

A wearable device made to continuously measure and monitor breathing, heart-rate, speed, and distance of the horse real-time during the training, which helps trainers to know their horse’s physical condition better, leading to higher performance and lower risk of injuries.

StepUp Horse

Monitor Your Horse in Real Time

With StepUp Horse, trainers and owners are able to monitor breath, heart rate, speed, and more in real-time during or after the training.


Improve Training Efficiency

By monitoring and logging heart and breath rates, it is possible to improve training efficiency over time.


Avoid Horse Overtraining

By measuring the fatigue of racehorse you can stop them from overtraining and minimize the risk of injury.


Monitor Horse Recovery Parameters Data

The trainers and owners can get recovery data of breathing and heart rate after training or racing, which would help to know the physical conditions of the horse.

Why StepUp Horse?


StepUp Horse is a portable wearable device that sits around the horse’s torso to measure equine vital signs (breathing, heart rate, distance, and speed) during training and resting.

Includes a software solution to get data in real-time on a smartwatch and data analysis after each training or race on a smartphone for the trainers.

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